1. The page title here is “Planning And Capitalizing On Your Book’s Pre-Sale.” I see a lot of explanation about why the pre-sale period is important and wonderful, but no clear explanations of what we, as authors, are supposed to be *doing* during that period. I’ve been making it up. I wish y’all would help with some focused suggestions.

  2. I always look forward to your posts, these are very helpful particularly for new authors. Thank you very much!

    I also have a question that I believe has not been addressed. How is an author able to include endorsements after the book has been printed, and copyrighted? How else can an author send book out in order to request and hope for endorsements? Sort of like… the chicken and the egg. What comes first?

    • Thank you for the information. My contacts are ordering from Bookbaby as I type this! Will these sales on Bookbaby help with Amazon visibility and will Bookbaby sales trigger the Amazon sales algorithm? Also, can my readers who bought from Bookbaby also leave reviews on Amazon? My understanding is that Amazon requires reviews only from Amazon direct purchases from people who have spent at least $50 a year. Am I correct about reviews? Then is it best for friends to buy from Amazon or Bookbaby? Or just sell, sell, and let the chips fall where they may?


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