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Looking for book promotion tips? These posts offer advice, tools, and tricks to help with your book marketing and book selling.

author calling attention to herself

Build Your Personal Brand and Sell More Books

Here's how to create a personal brand as an author that distinguishes you from your competitors and persuades your potential readers to recognize your value.
author choosing KDP keywords for SEO optimization

How to Choose Amazon KDP Keywords for Books

Wherever you sell your books online, having the right keywords is vital for discovery — so choose the best KDP keywords for Amazon.
athor using an SEO tool

Author SEO: Grow Your Book’s Online Presence

Having online listings and a website is step one — the next is to rank on page one of search results, which is where author SEO comes in.
animated hands holding up five stars

How to Get Book Reviews on Amazon

Looking to boost your book's profile on Amazon? We outline seven effective strategies to get Amazon book reviews.
author making a TikTok video to promote her book

How to Use TikTok to Sell Books: 12 Practical Tips

Almost half of the American population uses TikTok, and plenty of indie authors have found a way to use TikTok to sell books.
author building her website

How to Make an Author Website in 8 Steps

Ready to make an author website that grows your readership? This eight-step plan will put you on track to build an impressive author platform.
books tied in a holiday bow

Holiday Book Marketing Starts Now!

The holidays will be here before you know it, and now is the time for independent authors to start planning and preparing to take advantage of this busy book-selling season.

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