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woman reading a big long book

How Many Words Are in a Novel?

Getting ready to write a book and wondering how many words you need to pen? Here are some rule-of-thumb insights into how long your book should be.
choosing the right trim size for your book

Choosing Your Book’s Trim Size

BookBaby publishing specialist Sierra Edwards discusses what a book’s trim size is and how to choose the one that’s right for your project.
book shelf filled with paperback and hardcover books

Paperback vs. Hardcover Books: Which Is Right For You?

One choice self-published authors need to make is whether to go with a hardcover vs. paperback book cover. They both have their benefits — so which is right for you?
why is editing so expensive video thumbnail

Why Is Editing So Expensive?

This “Indie Author Minute” video offers insight into why manuscript editing services cost what they do, what you can expect from your edit, and why a professional book edit is an investment you cannot...
self-publishing revolution

Print On Demand Made The Self-Publishing Revolution Possible

In our ongoing BookBaby Live series, Steven Spatz addresses the real reason self-published authors can find major success in today’s publishing marketplace: print on demand.
self-publishing success

The Four Cornerstones to Self-Publishing Success

Steven Spatz, BookBaby president and self-published author, talks about the four essential things you need in place to achieve self-publishing success.
sell books through gift shops

How To Sell Books Through Gift Shops In Parks

The National Park Service turned 105 on August 25, 2021. It's a good time to talk about how publishers can sell books through gift shops in parks and historic sites.

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