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How To Self-Publish

Looking for advice on how to self-publish a book? You’ve come to the right place! Read on for expert advice, insider tips, and explanations in plain English that will help you navigate the self-publishing process.

crazy professor biting an oversized pencil

The Best Writing Teacher You’ll Ever Have Is YOU!

What if, through writing without prejudice, you learned something significant? What if you discover you are your own best writing teacher?
author shaking hands with a literary agent

How to Find a Literary Agent

Looking to publish a book through a traditional publisher? You'll need to find a literary agent first as most publishing houses won't accept your manuscript without one.
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Self-Publishing Q&A: More of Your Questions Answered

We've selected a handful of your questions to post here to help keep our readers informed and energized as you embark on your mission to self-publish a book.
collage of 12 authors who died in 2023

12 Authors Who Passed Away in 2023

It’s time, once again, to remember and celebrate writers who made major contributions to literature, poetry, nonfiction, and beyond who passed in 2023.
author writing an eBook

How to Write an eBook and Make Money

Are you ready to turn your passion for writing into profit? Learn how to write an eBook and earn money doing what you love.
man reading a novel ... or is it a book?

Novel vs. Book: Three Key Differences

What's the difference between novel vs. book? From genre and category to word count to formats, we spell out the differences and similarities.
Title head of How to publish on Amazon guide

How to Publish on Amazon

Learn how to publish on Amazon, navigate the self-publishing jungle, and make the most of your self-published book listing.

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