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Writing tips abound online, and we do our part to provide insightful, actionable, and (occasionally) counterintuitive advice on the craft of writing and publishing.

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Using the Three-Act Structure in Your Story

What is the three-act structure, and how is it used in storytelling? Learn essential components and tips for how to incorporate this approach into your writing.
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The Delights and Dangers of First-Person Narration

Readers love first-person narration because it plunges you into the world and mind of a character. But, handled badly, a first-person narrative can be a real turn-off.
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What is a Character Flaw?

Want to craft the perfect character? Give them a flaw. A character flaw make a character more believable, dimensional, and can add tension to how a story unfolds.
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Protagonist vs. Antagonist: A Guide to Writing Characters

The conflict between your protagonist vs. antagonist may be the central focus of your story, so it's worth determining their deeper roles in your narrative before you set out to write your tale.
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How to Write a Good Story (6 Tips for Aspiring Authors)

Gain insight on how to write a good story that captivates your audience by developing your characters, plot, and dialogue.
is she the main character or the protagonist?

What’s the Difference Between the Main Character and Protagonist?

Your main character and protagonist may not always be the same person. We address the differences and how to develop interesting characters.
young woman planning her novella

What is a Novella? The Art of Concise Storytelling.

A novella is shorter than a novel, but longer than a short story. In this post, we explore the characteristics of this unique form of storytelling.

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