29 thoughts on “Tell your book’s story with metadata

  1. Shellie Blum says:

    I need to learn more about this, but thanks for explaining some of this to us wannabe self published authors to be…

    1. Shellie, you can learn more about marketing your book using metadata on our YouTube channel here: http://youtu.be/9z0lKkynQp8

  2. Margaret says:

    I have 3 books that would need this type of marketing and would be interested in anyone who could help me with my marketing.

    1. Margaret, one of the best ways to market your book globally is on Bookarma (pronounced book-karma). Go to http://bookarma.net to sign up!

  3. How do I go about updating the metadata?

    1. If you uploaded your book to Amazon, you can update the information there. If you use Bowker’s Books in Print, update it on that site. Bowker is the source for ISBNs in the United States (Bowker.com), and they distribute the data worldwide. Take a look at our YouTube video for more information about how to market your book using metadata: http://youtu.be/9z0lKkynQp8

  4. Les Cochran says:

    I agree with Patricia Stuart’s question – – how do I update the metadata?

    1. BookBaby BookBaby says:

      See Nancy’s answer. Hope that helps.

  5. Joe Natoli says:

    Hi — I thought you should know that BookBaby will not publish endorsements inside metadata.

    I submitted a description that included endorsements and was told it could not be submitted to e-tailers with them included. This surprises me, of course, but they are telling me that’s the policy.

    I mention it here in the event you want to update this article, and so that other people are aware — and don’t experience the same frustration I am experiencing now.

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