• If you uploaded your book to Amazon, you can update the information there. If you use Bowker’s Books in Print, update it on that site. Bowker is the source for ISBNs in the United States (Bowker.com), and they distribute the data worldwide. Take a look at our YouTube video for more information about how to market your book using metadata: http://youtu.be/9z0lKkynQp8

  1. Hi — I thought you should know that BookBaby will not publish endorsements inside metadata.

    I submitted a description that included endorsements and was told it could not be submitted to e-tailers with them included. This surprises me, of course, but they are telling me that’s the policy.

    I mention it here in the event you want to update this article, and so that other people are aware — and don’t experience the same frustration I am experiencing now.

  2. I have no option on Amazon to change anything since I used Bookbaby and it’s very frustrating. I can’t run a sale on the book or any of that. I looked up how to do it, but those links aren’t available to me in Author Central. Help.

  3. Really enjoyed the article about using metadata to promote one’s book. Very helpful to us newbies. I felt the article fail short on explaining the ISBN number, however. For example, my recently published book has three ISBN numbers, and it took me hours of research to learn the difference in them. One number for the softcover, one number for the e-book, and one number for Amazon. I understand this is basic stuff for seasoned writers, but for a newbie it was a stumper.

  4. Very informative:
    I am not even close to being a techie.
    Nothing about the marketing process interests me. (I just want to write)
    I’m wading through all the instructions in Amazon. I was told that it was easy, but I’m finding it very time-consuming and hard to understand.
    Where and how do I enter this Metadata?
    That’s My first question. I’ll have more later.


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