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Need writing inspiration? Need a confidence boost? Not sure what to do to move your writing career forward? These posts all have one thing in common, they’ll inspire you to get back to writing your best work.

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Your Book Publishing Goals: Year in Review

Taking the time to review your past increases your self-awareness and provides insights to improve, which you can apply to your book publishing goals.
animation of young woman finding writing inspiration with ideas floating out of her head

Finding Writing Inspiration

Writing inspiration can come from a combination of sources. Make a habit of being open those that personally inspire you.
three active travel writers

Developing a Career as a Travel Writer

If you are interested in learning more about your own humble place in the universe through travel writing, you'll benefit from the insights of the three veteran travel writers highlighted here.
artist working on a children's book

How to Start a Children’s Book

Start your children's book with great storytelling, identifiable characters, and lessons that help young readers understand the world.
woman looking out at Grand Palace in Bangkok

Expanding Boundaries: Pioneers of Travel Writing

The notion of combining a love for travel and writing — and being paid as a travel writer — can be an enticing fantasy. We look at some of the titans of the genre.
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If Not Now, When? 6 Reasons to Finish Your Book Now.

Here are six reasons why now is your moment to finish your book—because your vision and creativity are worth seeing through to completion.
mother reading to her son in his bedroom

7 Common Themes in Children’s Literature

How do you decide on a theme for your children's book? We look at common themes in children's literature to help you craft a story kids will love.

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