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Book Promotion & Publicity

From book launches to digital ads, in-person events to social media, email lists to author newsletters, these strategies and ideas will get your book in front of as many potential readers as possible.

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Update Your Book Marketing to the 21st Century

You're a sophisticated self-published author, and it's time to update your book marketing and sell books to non-bookstore buyers.
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Four Ways to Boost Your Book Marketing

Book sales take strategic and creative thinking — here are four things you can do to help boost your book marketing and get more sales.
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15 Book Promotion Ideas to Boost Your Sales and Reach

Looking for creative and effective ways to promote your book? We've got book promotion ideas that will help you reach a larger audience.
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How to Market a Book

Wondering how to market your book effectively? Here's a guide with book marketing strategies designed to increase your visibility and sales.
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How to Approach Book Clubs as an Author

Targeting book clubs is a great way to promote your release. Read on to learn how book clubs work and essential tips on how to approach them.
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Do I Need a Book Publicist?

Are you struggling promoting your book? Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a book publicist to expand your reach and sales.
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Book Marketing and Publicity: Do You Need Both?

Learn the difference between book marketing and publicity and why both play a crucial role in gaining recognition for your work.

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