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Book Design & Formatting

While words, pictures, and ideas are what make a manuscript, interior formatting and book cover design are what really transform your words and images into a book.

Book bindings close up

13 Book Binding Types to Know

Your book's binding can enhance a reader's experience. Learn about different book binding types with descriptions and brief histories.
Formatting books for publishing in a row

How to Format a Book for Publishing

Ready to publish your book? Read on for tips on how to format it, including everything from fonts and typography to chapter structure.
book cover design: before and after sample

Book Cover Design Ideas: Before And After

Becky Rodriguez-Smith, director of design services at BookBaby, and Amy Epright, senior book designer, address five elements that make a great book cover design, with before-and-after examples to drive home these design ideals.
indie author minute video on interior formatting

Why Does My Book Need Interior Formatting?

In this “Indie Author Minute Video,” book designer Kaitlin Quigley talks about the unsung hero in your book’s journey to a professional publish: interior formatting.
self-publishing success

The Four Cornerstones to Self-Publishing Success

Steven Spatz, BookBaby president and self-published author, talks about the four essential things you need in place to achieve self-publishing success.
book cover design

Book Cover Design: From Concept to Completion

BookBaby designers share stories of some of their favorite book cover designs to give insight into the creative process of making your book cover stand out from the crowd.
book cover designer

A Look Inside the Mind Of Your Book Cover Designer

There's more to getting a great book cover design than just hiring a professional. You need to communicate the essence of your story and find a way to inspire your designer.

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