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make money with your business book

How To Make Money With Your Business Book – Part 1

Writing a book is a way to expose your ideas and innovations to the world – but you can make money with your business book when you realize it's really a promotional vehicle for your larger offerings.
book is a marketing tool

Your Business Book Is A Marketing Tool

There is no better multi-purpose tool to attract attention for your business than a book. A book is a marketing tool with unique and special abilities to create conversations you can turn into sales.
book's audience

Identify Your Book’s Audience (And Write For Readers Interested In What You Have To...

If you think your book is for everyone, you are setting yourself up for failure. Identify your book's audience and set yourself up for success.
Venn Zen

Venn Zen: Authors, be one with your audience

Can you envision your ideal reader? What are their interests? Why do they need your book? Use our Venn Zen to help understand your audience.


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