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Top 3 Tips for Writing Your First Novel

You’ve finished a dozen good short stories and now you mean business! You’re going to try your hand at a novel. Before you set out into uncharted territory, here are a few things to consider:
Time Management Tips

3 Time Management Tips for Writers

If you find you have sufficient time to write, revise, edit, and promote your work, wow! If not, here are 3 common-sense time management tips worth reading.

5 Writing Tips from Ernest Hemingway

When you want to better your craft, who better to take advice from than good ol’ Papa Hemingway? In this copyblogger post, Ernest himself shares his top 5 tips for writing well. You can...

Writing Tip: Do Your Research BEFORE You Start

Research first before writing? That advice might seem painfully obvious, but many writers still seem to ignore the heavy research until they hit a stumbling block. Bad idea! Whether you're writing a cowboy romance or...


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