Each piece of writing you complete pushes you along a path. Even the drafts you throw away are stepping stones along your journey as a writer. Each step might be small, but it helps all the same.

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Why You Should Write in Shorter Blocks[This article was written by guest contributor Lynda McDaniel, co-founder of The Book Catalysts.]

Have you ever coveted a cozy writer’s garret where you could create brilliant bestsellers in long, uninterrupted writing sessions?

Well, don’t. That fantasy can ruin your chances of becoming a successful author. Here’s why:

1. As long as you think that’s what it takes to write a book, you’re less likely to write.

“Oh, I don’t have time to write today,” you tell yourself because you don’t have several hours to spare. Or “It’s just too hectic to write today.” Excuses like these feed the procrastination beast, which seems to have an insatiable appetite.

2. Uninterrupted periods of writing can cripple your creativity and productivity,...

... according to Benjamin Nugent in the New York Times (February 2, 2013). He learned this the hard way while enrolled in a master’s program in fiction. Nugent isolated himself in a prairie town with no Internet, no TV, no iPhone so he could produce great literature.

Only he didn’t.

“The disaster unfolded slowly,” he writes.

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