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walking as a writing exercise

A good walk may be the best writing exercise there is

Writing is not the best occupation for your health. For most of us, writing involves a lot of sitting, which is why a good walk may be the best writing exercise there is.
book to film 10 greats

From Book To Film: 10 Great Adaptations

My mission was to list films that aren't the obvious "go to" movies in a "best book to film adaptation" compilation.
writing formats

Six Writing Formats Every Fiction Writer Should Try

Whatever your chosen format as an author – novels, short stories, essays, etc. – trying your hand at others is an excellent writing exercise. Here are six writing formats to consider.
dedicated reading time

Dedicated Reading Time Can Improve Your Writing

Good readers make good writers, so it's important to include dedicated reading time in your schedule to bolster your vocabulary, help you unwind, and expose yourself to great writers.
storytelling lessons from stranger things

Things I Learned About Storytelling From Stranger Things

It's good practice to reverse-engineer the stories you love most and apply the best storytelling elements to your own writing. Stranger Things had that effect on me, and here's what I learned.
writing exercise

Poetry as a writing exercise

Experimenting with poetry as a writing exercise can be a way to stretch your comfort zone, improve your writing skills, break out of writer's block, and introduce you to new ways of viewing your craft.
build your writing muscles

A fun way to build your writing muscles

We know we have to build our muscles to run a marathon, but how do we build our writer's muscles when it comes to writing a book? Maybe you’ve started by keeping a diary, writing short stories, or taking creative writing classes. These are all great ways to build up writing muscles. These are like training runs compared to the marathon that is the book.


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