Maybe you don’t need panic-induced adrenaline to write, but I do. That's why my agent's submission deadlines were the best thing for my book series.

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[Note: This post was written by guest contributor Beth Hayden, a social media expert and author of Pinfluence: The Complete Guide to Marketing Your Business with Pinterest.]

When I was writing a proposal for my recent book on Pinterest marketing for John Wiley and Sons, my prospective editor asked how quickly I might be able to write the manuscript.

I thought it over and came up with my most aggressive possible timetable: four months.

In reply, the editor asked, “Could you do it in six weeks?”

“Six weeks? To write a whole BOOK?” I thought. “Is she insane?”

But if the editor of a major publishing house wants to give you a book deal — and you won’t get the contract unless you agree to a ridiculously tight timeline — you say yes. And then you figure out how to write a book in six weeks. So that’s exactly what I did.

How did I write 35,000 words in six weeks? Read on for my best tips on writing under incredibly short deadlines.

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[This is an excerpt from a piece I wrote for The Creative Penn. Click that link to read all 12 steps!]

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Franklin Roosevelt helped launch his presidency with those words. He was, of course, talking about measures the United States needed to take in order to pull itself out of the Great Depression, but he could have just as easily been giving a pep talk to writers who were wallowing in a creative slump.

Most of the time, writer’s block is nothing more than fear. Afraid of what, though?

-that you’re out of ideas.

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