The Twitter-sphere is full of awesome content, and growing every second! Sometimes it’s hard to keep up-- so here are 10 people we think are worth following on Twitter right now (in alphabetical order by Twitter handle):

1. @BookBaby

BookBaby (of course!) offers writing tips, news, & trends from the company that makes self-publishing easy.

2. @brainpicker

Maria Popova is a self-proclaimed ‘interestingness curator & semi-secret geek obsessed with combinatorial creativity.’

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In support of National Novel Writing Month, Writer’s Digest is offering 7 writing eBooks for FREE!

From now through November 12th, you can get a free download of any of the following titles for Kindle, Nook, iPad, or Sony Reader:

1. Write That Book Already– by Sam Barry and Kathi Kamen Goldmark

2. Getting the Words Right- by Theodore A. Rees Cheney

3. Hooked– by Les Edgerton

4. The Complete Handbook of Novel Writing– by the editors of Writer’s Digest

5. Story Structure Architect– by Victoria Lynn Schmidt, Ph. D

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In a recent interview with Writer’s Digest, science fiction author John Scalzi gave some great advice to writers: “Don’t be boring!”

It may seem obvious at the outset, but once you’ve written 10,000 words, it’s easy to get lost while wandering down some tangential corridor, spending 3 pages describing the wind, or trying to fit that obscure fact about Thai food into a book on skyscrapers.

Scalzi says:

As a reader I have a very short attention span and a low tolerance for boredom, and I find that comes in handy with my writing. If I get bored writing something, I pity the people who will then try to read it. So I keep the “am I bored with this?” question near the top of my mind when I write. If I am bored, out it goes.

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