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writer's block

Three Flavors Of Writer’s Block (And How To Beat Them)

I believe there are three strains of writer's block, and each calls for a different solution. But they all demand the same resolve: you must never give up.
being a writer

Are You A Writer, Or Someone Who Dreams Of Being A Writer?

Being a writer, rather than someone who dreams of being a writer, is a challenge. Insecurity can be the twin of creativity — give yourself permission to just get started.
dedicated reading time

Dedicated Reading Time Can Improve Your Writing

Good readers make good writers, so it's important to include dedicated reading time in your schedule to bolster your vocabulary, help you unwind, and expose yourself to great writers.
writing exercise

Poetry as a writing exercise

Experimenting with poetry as a writing exercise can be a way to stretch your comfort zone, improve your writing skills, break out of writer's block, and introduce you to new ways of viewing your craft.
writer's block

There’s (Almost) No Such Thing as Writer’s Block. If There is, This’ll Cure Ya.

Not long ago, the concept of writer’s block didn’t even exist. But once the term was created in 1947 by psychoanalyst Edmund Bergler, those of us who write glommed on to it like nobody’s business.

21 Tips To Beat Writer’s Block [Infographic]

A survey of 2.500 writers found that writer's block was caused by high expectations, fear of failure, and unrealistic deadlines. Here are 21 ways to beat writer's block.
revise your book

Radical revision: four ways to blow up and rebuild your novel

You’re stuck. Something about your book just isn’t working, but you’re not quite sure what it is. Time for drastic measures. Yes, you could tinker away at the sentence level or rearrange a few chapters here and there — but when your ideas stall or you've written yourself into a corner, maybe it's time to do something radical to shake things up and revise your book. Why not GO EXTREME!? You can always return to your original stinker of a draft if these attempts at radical revision fail, right? So yeah; you’re totally safe to play around and get your hands dirty. Here are four things to try when your manuscript feels like it’s falling flat.


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