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share your writing

Are You Ready To Share Your Writing?

Writing is so personal, and writers can be very territorial about their work. But there are times when showing your work-in-progress to even one trusted reader can elevate your manuscript.
being a writer

Are You A Writer, Or Someone Who Dreams Of Being A Writer?

Being a writer, rather than someone who dreams of being a writer, is a challenge. Insecurity can be the twin of creativity — give yourself permission to just get started.

21 Tips To Beat Writer’s Block [Infographic]

A survey of 2.500 writers found that writer's block was caused by high expectations, fear of failure, and unrealistic deadlines. Here are 21 ways to beat writer's block.
completing a book

The First Word

Every journey starts with the first step. Every story starts with the first word. When I wrote my first book, I didn't have any kind of plan or blueprint to guide my journey to completing a book. This time around I'll be better equipped to do the job, whether its using Nina Amir's blog to book strategy or some other technique.
writer's apathy

How To Write When You’re Not In The Mood – 7 Remedies For Writer’s...

It can happen to anyone, even the best writers in the world. It's those times when you know you should be writing your book or your blog, but you just can't get yourself motivated. You just don’t feel like it. Cleaning the toilet or mowing the lawn seem like more attractive uses of your time. First thing: don't panic. Writer's apathy is completely normal. You’re not alone and you’re in very successful company. But you don’t want this to carry on forever, otherwise, nothing ever gets written, does it?


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