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How to Write a Novel: STOP READING THIS!

Writing a novel is a little like getting back in shape. When you're towards the beginning of the process, it's sometimes easier to read ABOUT the work than to actually DO the work. See, here you are reading this! (Which I appreciate, by the way.) But let's face it, unless you're trying to solve some specific problem of character, plot, or tone, chances are good that you're going to learn more by actually writing than by reading ABOUT writing! When we're being honest with ourselves, we know if we're on the right track or not. So stop reading this; glue your butt to your chair; trust your intuition; play around on the page; try out different possibilities; and — as NIKE says — Just Do It! No distractions. No excuses.

Writing a novel: free resources for authors

Wait – you're still reading? OK. Well, writing IS hard work, after all — so...


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