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Speed up! How to make better use of the time at your keyboard.

If you’ve ever started the process of writing a book – or even a blog post – you may have asked yourself, "How long will this take? Can’t I speed it up at all?" Many budding authors underestimate the time needed to write a really good and polished book. Some writers get bogged down halfway through and give up or put the project permanently on hold.

How long should my book be? (standard word-counts by genre)

Word counts by genreAre you wondering how long your book should be? Well, here's the short answer: as long as it needs to be — no more, no less. So write, write, write — then edit, edit, edit. But if you're curious to see how your manuscript measures up to to the standard word-count expectations for your genre, the following is a summary of an informative article by Chuck Sambuchino called "Word Count for Novels and Children’s Books: The Definitive Post." Check out that piece for all the details, or see the breakdown below.

Adult Novels: (literary fiction, romance, mystery, thriller, etc.)

Here's what Chuck recommends for commercial fiction:


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