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Website Tips for Authors: The HostBaby Roundup

Website tips for authorsBest-practices to smarten-up your online book marketing

Every week on The HostBaby Blog, we post new web and social media tips for artists. You’ll learn how to grow your email list, how to get readers to share with your online content, how to draft newsletters that convert to book sales, how to optimize your site for search, and much more. For those of you who haven’t been keeping tabs on the HostBaby Blog…

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11 Must-Haves for Author Websites

A website is an essential tool in an author’s marketing toolbox. In addition to serving as the online home for your book, it’s great for marketing, promotions, and building a community.

Is Your Author Website Helping You or Holding You Back?

Don't let your website sink your career

Imagine you're the captain of the good ship D.I.Y. Book Promotion. You're heading straight into the seas of indifference and your boat is chugging hard. Your author website should function like the prow of the ship, helping to cut through those vast and stormy waters. Your website should make your voyage faster and safer. But in reality, is your website helping or hindering? Pro-looking websites are essential promo tools for independent authors. Depending on the visitor experience, your website can either earn you new readers, encourage reviewers to actually give your book the time of day, make it easy for press and bloggers to cover your story, and help you feature your content in one simple location (videos, essays, links to interviews, audio of readings, etc.)—or prove to the world that you shouldn't be taken seriously at all. Here are a handful of ways to tell if your website is on your side.

It's gotta pass the 3-second test

Studies have shown that a visitor will have an emotional response to a website within 3 seconds. Do they trust you? Do they think you're respectable?


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