Top 5 website mistakes authors makeDon’t give your readers any excuse to hit the “back” button

Someone's checking out your website. Pat yourself on the back; you've done something right — whether it was announcing your web address during a reading, optimizing your site for Google search, doing targeted advertising on Facebook, printing your URL on the jacket of your book, etc.

So, here they are, checking out your online headquarters, waiting to be dazzled by your literary brilliance. You've won the first half of the battle.

Now you need to KEEP them on your website for more than 5 seconds if you want that person to buy a book, invite you to a reading series, download a sample chapter, leave a blog comment, attend a book signing event, or sign up for your email newsletter.

If that potential reader or publishing industry professional gets annoyed, they’re going to back out of there in an internet minute.

Here are a handful of common website mistakes you should avoid making!

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Melissa Donovan recently wrote a post for The Creative Penn (a site you should all check out) listing the five most common mistakes writers make on their websites. They are:

1. No biographical information

2. No social media presence 

3. No contact information

4. The content isn’t polished

5. Terrible design

Check out the full article HERE to discover why these mistakes should be avoided at all costs. If you need help with web hosting or website creation, check out HostBaby for Authors, where you can build a professional author site in minutes.

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