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Nine Idioms Traced To Their Origins

We use idioms all the time — after all, these phrases came into use because their figurative meanings can really make a point. But the origins of many common idioms are not easy to guess.
fantasy novel

Before You Write That Fantasy Novel…

If you are writing a fantasy novel, these five considerations will help put you on the right track to creating a story that will capture readers' attention.
frustrate readers

How To Confound And Frustrate Readers

There are rules and expectations that form a bond between writer and reader. But that's so traditional. If you want to make it your mission to confound and frustrate readers and stop them cold in their tracks, these 39 tips will help.

Words That Carry Maximum Weight: Tropes In Storytelling

Tropes — cultural references or recurrent themes imbued with shared meaning — can be a staple of storytelling (and a potential path to cliché).
jewel words

Jewel words, crux and flavor words, and everything in between

Jewel words are those beautiful words glistening inside a piece of larger text. Along with crux and flavor words, they serve your story and distinguish your writing voice.
literal and figurative language

Literal And Figurative Language In Your Writing

The balance of literal and figurative language in a book can dramatically influence a reader’s experience. What does the literal/figurative language map look like in yours?
verbal imagery

5 Ways To Improve Your Verbal Imagery

Humans are highly visual creatures, and this holds true when we are reading. We don’t see the images in the book, we form them in our minds. Pack in brilliant imagery and your readers will enjoy and remember your book.


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