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three-act structure

The Three-act Structure: Formulaic or Foundational?

Focusing on the three-act structure and your nine plot points can help you construct a vibrant and meaningful narrative structure and bring your story to life.
story unfolding

A Well-crafted Unfolding Is Your Ticket To A Fabulous Book

In any great book, every connection functions perfectly, the margin for error is almost nil. The chain has to be perfected for your story to unfold in a satisfying way.
writing practice

Sometimes, Just Better is Enough

Each piece of writing you complete pushes you along a path. Even the drafts you throw away are stepping stones along your journey as a writer. Each step might be small, but it helps all the same.
center of your book

Find the center of your book

Like a hub at the center of a wheel with spokes, the center of your book is a necessary architectural arrangement. It makes the story go 'round.
unity in writing

Unity In Writing

In an important sense, unity in writing is an author’s core design principle. This is the starting point and end goal in writing.


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