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motion map

Creating A Motion Map Of Your Story

Great writing is all about great motion and change — and every bit of motion needs a motivation. You can track these cycles by creating a motion map.
developmental editor

Things You Might Hear From A Developmental Editor

Within the domain of book editing, a developmental editor will assess content and story structure. Go to one when you want to see if your story "works."
story fundamentals

Story Fundamentals Make A Story Great

Understanding your story fundamentals is key to great storytelling. How well you know your story fundamentals will be evident in every word on every page.
transform your writing

Transform Your Writing With Exquisite Patterns

Great writing is full of intentional features that give a rhythm to the music of the text. Novice writing is not. Patterns bring readers into a story and are often what make writing great.

What Are Your Readers Thinking?

A great story told well keeps us turning pages and wakes up the voices in our heads. But there are some things you don't want running through your readers' minds. Here are five questions to avoid having your readers ask as they read your book.
hook map

Storytelling Tip: Engineer Your “Hook” Map

A "hook" is a passage or bit of information that changes the stakes, pulls the reader along, and builds the trajectory of your narrative. Constructing a hook map can help ensure yours are serving your story.
facts and narrative

A Million Jelly Beans And No Bowl (facts and narrative)

A well-constructed story has the right blend of facts and narrative. This post turns this concept into a sweet and colorful metaphor.


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