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author income

Authors Are Making Less Money? I’m Not Buying It.

A recent Authors Guild survey suggests author income is down dramatically. There are plenty of signs that this is not true, and plenty of ways to leverage your book to make additional income.
trends in publishing

Trends In Publishing

The publishing industry gets rocked by a blockbuster title, and for years after that, publishers and authors play “follow the leader.” It’s smart — millions of books are sold and billions of dollars are amassed annually by chasing trends in publishing.
Myths about traditional publishing

Six Myths  (and a Few Facts) About Traditional Publishing

Here are a few prevalent fallacies, as well as new truths, that all authors  ought to recognize when it comes to traditional publishing.
writing conference

Can A Writing Conference Help You Become A Successful Author?

If you could have lunch with a successful author or publisher, would you do it? Think of a writing conference as that lunch on a much larger scale.
book publishing

Kid Writing: A Book Publishing Success Story In Two Acts

After winning back her rights to her book Kid Writing, Isabell Cardonick was ready to explore book publishing on her own. That’s when fate intervened and brought her to BookBaby.
write a book

Six Things You Need To Write A Book

Do not underestimate the commitment it will take to realize your story and write a book. Boil your project down to the core components you need to see your project through to the end  and prepare for the task ahead.
book publishing paths

The Two Paths Of Book Publishing [Infographic]

In today's book publishing environment, all roads almost inevitably lead to a major decision: Do you try to go traditional publishing or do you strike it out on your own through self publishing?


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