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submission deadlines

Panic For Fun And Profit: Submission Deadlines And My Book Series

Maybe you don’t need panic-induced adrenaline to write, but I do. That's why my agent's submission deadlines were the best thing for my book series.
make a book

The Accidental Novelist – How Stolen Moments Can Make A Book

I write while riding the subway, waiting in lines, or after rocking my baby to sleep. In the cracks between events, my ideas simmer, and I record them while they're warm.
writing a book part 1

My 20-Step Plan to Writing a Book: Part 1 (Steps 1-10)

Writing a book is hard work – it’s easier to quit than finish. When you become overwhelmed by the sheer scope of the task, you might be tempted to give up. The key is to follow a proven, straightforward plan.

[Bracket] shorthand helps you draft with lightning speed

Imagine a shorthand that works for complex storytelling as well as true shorthand works for speeding up general writing. A writer's shorthand does exist, with the use of placeholding “things-yet-to-be-written” in brackets.
supercharge your writing

Find A Morning Routine to Supercharge Your Writing

All successful people have routines. Some take it to extremes (Mark Zuckerberg wears the same outfit every day). What routine can you develop to supercharge your writing?
choose words

Choose Words That Convey Your Meaning

When writing, choose words thoughtfully, and remember you are writing to communicate ideas and feelings for your reader to experience and understand.
nonfiction writing

How To Make Time For Fiction When Nonfiction Writing Pays the Bills

You can juggle fiction and nonfiction writing in your career, but you'll need organization, diligence, and the ingenuity to recognize how to give each skill set its proper time, place, and respect in your writing life.


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