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It’s Never Too Early To Start Writing

Young authors abound in modern and classic literature. While age brings wisdom and experience, youthful imagination and perspective have served many writers through the ages, as evidenced in this post.
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It’s Never Too Late To Start Writing

Writing isn't just a young person's game. Many authors who didn't start writing until they were in their fifties, sixties, and seventies (and older!) have made their mark with critics and readers.
being a writer

Are You A Writer, Or Someone Who Dreams Of Being A Writer?

Being a writer, rather than someone who dreams of being a writer, is a challenge. Insecurity can be the twin of creativity — give yourself permission to just get started.

21 Tips To Beat Writer’s Block [Infographic]

A survey of 2.500 writers found that writer's block was caused by high expectations, fear of failure, and unrealistic deadlines. Here are 21 ways to beat writer's block.


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