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Social media for authors: how to make the juggling act a little easier

Social Media for AuthorsManaging half a dozen social media profiles, a website, a writing life, and a life outside of writing can get tricky. But there are a few simple ways to tame the social media beast before it slips out of your control.

How to integrate your social media promotion with your website, for sanity's sake:

1. Use social media widgets  Displaying your Twitter and Facebook activity ON your website is a great way to alert readers that you’re engaged on those services, and to encourage them to follow you without even having to ask. 2. Use social media plugins and shortcodes 

Social Media for Authors: 10 Musts for Social Book Marketing

Social Media for AuthorsThe A,B,C's of promoting your book with social media

Being an independent author isn't easy. You're expected to write, blog, market, network, and find time to renew your library card. Amidst all that craziness, it’s easy to forget the basics of social media marketing — or at least conveniently ignore them when your schedule is full. But as they say in the sports world, “It’s all about the fundamentals.”

So here’s a checklist of social media musts every author should live by:

1. Respond to every comment — Simple enough. Someone’s taken the time to engage with you; they deserve your attention. But when you get busy it’s easy to let those things pile up and go unanswered. If you don’t have time to personally reply to every Facebook comment or tweet, at least like/favorite them. 2. Make sure your website is social-friendly — Does your website make social sharing easy? If not, download one of the plug-ins that enables share buttons (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, G+, etc.). Don’t make someone have to do extra work to share your latest blog post, short story, or poem.

The Top 6 Articles on Twitter for Authors

Twitter Promotion Tips for Authors

Twitter promotion tips for authors

Twitter is a great way to promote your book, allowing you to share bite-sized content with your readers across the globe. But Twitter can be tricky, too! It took me a few years to really fall in love with Twitter (many of those months spent ignoring it altogether), but now I prefer Twitter to Pinterest, Facebook, and all the other social media platforms I'd just as soon forget. If you’re new to Twitter, I want to help you hurry through the Twitter growing pains — so you can avoid wandering in the Twitterverse wilderness for months or years like I did. To that end, I’ve compiled some articles on Twitter promotion tips, etiquette, and more. Some of them are from CD Baby’s DIY Musician Blog, so they deal specifically with music promotion, but the same concepts can easily apply to books and poetry — just substitute the word "author" for "musician."

Authors, Tell Us Your Social Media Success Stories?

Have you used Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest to boost your book sales and grow your readership?

Has social media helped you build your "platform" and connect with fans? If so, we want to hear all about it. Tell us your success stories! In the comments section below, give us the details about your writing career, your book, and how you used Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Google+ (or any other social media site) as an effective promotional tool... 

Your Website is the Hub: Online Marketing for Authors and Writers

Q: What's the easiest and most effective way to promote your book, blog and brand? A: Let your fans do it for you. Your website should be the destination of all your social networking activity....


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