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Building Your Author Platform in 10 Hours a Week (Including Writing Time!)

Build your author platform before your next book launch, so you can harness the power of potential buyers, industry contacts, and your entire web community.

Pinterest Tips for Writers

Never heard of Pinterest? Don't feel bad; most folks haven't yet. But the social network that allows users to post interesting links and images to a virtual pinboard is growing quickly, and it can...

Twitter For Authors and Writers – 6 Tips to Get You Started

It’s amazing how much Twitter has become part of mainstream culture. And equally surprising is how many authors have yet to take the Twitter plunge! At first, the micro-blogging format can be a bit confusing and seem a little ridiculous, but if you hang in there, Twitter can be a powerful asset in your author promo arsenal. Twitter can not only help you spread the word about your writing endeavors, but it is great for making real-world connections with other writers and literary fans.
facebook for authors

Facebook for Authors: Setting up an author page, Pt. 1

Facebook dominates the social networking world. But how can authors use the Facebook platform to promote their books and find new readers? Naturally, you should be talking about your writing on your personal profile just as you talk about other aspects of your life, but there are some good reasons why you should make the leap and take the focused promotion efforts off of your personal Facebook profile and create a Facebook page dedicated to your literary pursuits.


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