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Learn from 35 writers who rule the literary Internet

35 writers who rule the literary internetSometimes the best way to learn how to do something is to just sit back and watch someone else do it well. Really really well. If you're an author wondering how to use social media, blogging, or other online tools to build your readership, why not study up on the Internet's most influential writers? Watch their moves. See how they keep things interesting for their followers over the long-haul. Listen to their tone. Jason Diamond, who put this list together for Flavorwire, says:
These aren’t the writers who have hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers but only tweet when they have a book come out, or the ones who write a guest blog post every year to get their names back into the conversation. Some are young authors, others are firmly established. Some of them are publishing industry veterans or new media superstars who want to use their clout (or Klout) to talk up writers they love, while others command small armies via their Tumblrs. Some start hashtag trends, while others have scored book deals with their clever tweets.
Social media for authors

Social media basics for authors: simple and effective book promotion tips

When it comes to promoting your self-published book, traditional book marketing strategies can still be highly effective. But if you want to reach a wider audience and get connected to more potential readers, the solution is social media marketing. With social media, you don't have to waste your money on paid advertising in print, radio, or TV media; you don't have to exert a bunch of energy planning readings or book tours; and you don't have to spend time trying to impress a bunch of book critics. All you need to do is create a connection to other people. That's the purpose of social media, after all. I'm not saying that traditional  marketing doesn't work anymore, because it occasionally still can. It's just that it doesn't guarantee that your book will sell a million copies or become a success — and it costs a lot of money. Social media, on the other hand, is free.

To expand the reach of your book promotion, increase your book sales, and convert more readers into buyers, here's a few tips on how to make the most of social media:

writing communities

Writing Communities and Networking Strategies in the Digital Age

When you first started composing your masterpiece, you probably thought the biggest hurdle was actually getting it done.  By now, you’ve learned there are many more challenges than just the writing process. You need to find an editor, a publisher, a peer review group.  And, you need to engage in some serious marketing – of yourself and your book.
social media mistakes

Social media mistakes: don’t be THAT author!

I've had a  good year getting poems placed in respected publications. Naturally, I wanted to share my excitement every time on social media (which means Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for me). These are life events on an order of magnitude somewhat greater than "I ate eggs for breakfast this morning" or "I'm listening to my Katy Perry/Mountain Goats mashup again."

Twitter helps iconic NYC bookstore stay in business

NYC's "book row" once boasted over 40 bookstores. Now there's only one. Watch the video to learn how Strand Books maintains its conversation with customers. NYC's "book row" once boasted over 40 bookstores. No longer. Now there's only one: Strand Books. How have they stayed in business when all others failed? They credit social media, particularly Twitter (plus a little help from actor/writer/teacher James Franco).

How to “like” a Facebook page FROM a Facebook page

You're a modern kinda author. You're hip to the latest this and that. You know social media can be one of the most effective free methods of building a readership. You know Facebook is the giant of social media. You even know that you should be promoting your writing career by using a Facebook PAGE, and NOT your personal Facebook profile. But one question you keep asking yourself, with much frustration, is "how the hell do I 'like' another author's Facebook page FROM my author page on Facebook?" It's quite simple, actually... Check it out.

Social media for authors: how to make the juggling act a little easier

Social Media for AuthorsManaging half a dozen social media profiles, a website, a writing life, and a life outside of writing can get tricky. But there are a few simple ways to tame the social media beast before it slips out of your control.

How to integrate your social media promotion with your website, for sanity's sake:

1. Use social media widgets  Displaying your Twitter and Facebook activity ON your website is a great way to alert readers that you’re engaged on those services, and to encourage them to follow you without even having to ask. 2. Use social media plugins and shortcodes 


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