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How to Lose Fans and Alienate Followers

A sales pitch, no matter how you dress it up, sounds like a sales pitch. And who likes being sold to? Premium cable channels and the DVR industry have been built on the premise that nobody wants to watch commercials. The same is true for social media updates; fans and followers who have chosen to follow you and see your posts are like everybody else: they don’t want a sales pitch. They want to be engaged. They want to be entertained. They want to get to know you.

Making your own Christmas miracle – a book publishing timeline for holiday sales

There’s a blazing hot sun parked overhead and you can hear the kids splashing in the pool. Your backyard grill is fired up and ready to go, while the dog has settled down for a nap on one of the few patches of cool shade. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Or at least it should for self-published authors who want to take advantage of the holiday selling season to launch and sell their next books. And here’s why.
podcasting for authors

Why Podcasting Interviews Are Essential For Authors

We are half way through 2015, and a lot of people who didn’t consider themselves authors or writers this time last year have written and published books. This means there are more books available fighting to catch readers’ attention. Just as there are more books available in all genres, there are new podcast shows launched every day. The written word is not your only option for book promotion. Podcasting and interviews can be an effective way to reach potential readers.
how to market your book on Twitter

Nine things authors should be doing on Twitter right now

Social media marketing doesn't always play to most writers' strengths, but having a plan and a goal can help you effectively market your book on Twitter. Not sure how to begin? Here are nine things to consider. 1. Be a thought leader. You don't always have to come up with original content to establish yourself as a thought leader. Tweet links to current news in your industry to keep your followers up-to-date and show you know what’s going on outside your own four walls.

What to post & when to post it on 9 important social networks [Infographic]

Great content. Good timing. That's the key to successful social media marketing in a nutshell. But quality content and appropriate timing look different on every social media platform. To help you keep all the details of your social strategy straight, here's an infographic from Business 2 Community about WHAT, WHEN, and HOW OFTEN to post to the 9 most popular social media sites.
authors who hate social media

Authors who hate social media

If you're an author, you may have come kicking and screaming into the world of social media -- or perhaps you haven't entered it at all. "I don't like social media ... I need more than 140 characters ... It's not communication ... blah, blah, blah... It's time to get over it!

Bad advice for writers: how to suck at social media

Conan-the-Conquerer-1-247x300[Sarcasm warning!!!!] When it comes to building your author platform, Social Media is a zero-sum game. Your readers should only like one writer: YOU! There’s simply not enough social media to go around. As an author, you must either conquer social media outright or leave nothing behind but scorched earth. Luckily for you, I caught a panel discussion at this year's BEA called "The Worst Social Media Advice Ever" — and I've summarized some of their intentionally terrible advice, added a few of my own tips, and offer it all here for your edification.

Some important things to remember if you want to win at social media

1. It’s all about you — Duh. They’re your “followers,” after all. Treat them as such. Your readers’ only social media medicine should be a daily injection of 100% maximum YOU. And make it clear you’d prefer your monologue to run without interruption. 2. Be a brand, not a person — Don’t let your fans forget the reasons why they followed you in the first place: your corporate sponsorships, your clean website fonts, your newest signature perfume. Don’t draw attention to your art or your humanity,… that’s just weakness. Embody the brand and the brand will embody you, making you all-powerful. For extra impact, be sure to use terms like “direct-to-fan” and “value-added” whenever you post on social media.


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