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Harness Social Media To Sell Books

No matter what you write or how you choose to publish, authors can agree on one thing: social media has redefined the way books can be promoted.
promote poetry

How To Promote Poetry on Social Media

If you’re preparing to promote your poetry, these social media forums will open up new worlds and connect you with readers and groups likely to revel in your words.
twitter hashtags

Making Magic With Twitter Hashtags

Judging from questions I get in my inbox, many people don’t understand Twitter hashtags. Maybe they are just plain annoyed by them – but they can be useful in your book marketing.
social media marketing tips

Six Social Media Marketing Tips For First-Time Authors

If you're looking for readership and engagement, finishing your book is the first step. These social media marketing tips can help you frame your approach to the process of promoting yourself and your work online.

Social Marketing Essentials for Writers: Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and YouTube

Authors who are promoting themselves online are often told that they need to be everywhere- all the time. But can you really be expected to manage an effective presence on every social network? Twitter, Flickr,...

Twitter Tip for Authors: Patience is a Virtue

For authors who want to use Twitter in order to promote your work, here's one very important tip that often gets overlooked: stick with it! 'Slow and Steady' Joins the Twitter Race.
author Facebook page

How to Set Your Author Facebook Page Custom URL

Here's how to create a custom URL for your Author Facebook Page if you have at least 25 fans instead of the gobbledygook they initially assigned.


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