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unity of effect

Edgar Allan Poe’s Notion Of “Unity Of Effect”

Edgar Allan Poe's notion of "unity of effect" describes his belief that everything in a written work must lead toward the denouement, starting with the first word.
shapes of stories

The simple shapes of stories

According to the inimitable Kurt Vonnegut, every good story has a shape. Have you ever stopped to think about the shape of the story in your book?
how to write a short story

Writing intriguing short stories

Writing a short story may not take the same time and energy as writing a novel, but the shorter form provides its own challenges – notably crafting a meaningful read in a short span of time and pages. These four tips can help you focus on how to write a short story.
writing contest

Have you considered entering a writing contest?

Everyone wants to have won an award, yet writing contests are something of an outlier in the book publishing world. Why isn't entering a writing contest a regular in a writer’s promotional plan? The fear of competition?


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