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Eternal and universal topics in writing

There are universal topics that fuel so many of the stories we love — from war and peace to abandonment and exile. How you manipulate and build on these sources is your creative contribution.
love story

Is it a love story or a romance novel?

You can write a love story outside the romance genre. Romance is a staple of all types of literature. So when is it a "romance" and when is it just a book with a love story? Usually, it’s obvious.
romance novel

How To Promote Your Romance Novel on Social Media

If you’re getting ready to promote a romance novel, this post will get you started connecting with groups and forums likely to embrace your work.
pen names

A historical tour of pen names [Infographic]

While your parents had something to say about what appears on your driver's license, you have a chance to craft the name that appears on your book cover. Take a look at this infographic from printerinks.com: how many of these pen names are new to you? Who got left off the list? Are you motivated to come up with one of your own? You can always use your first pet's name and the street you grew up on. No, wait, that's a different name generator...


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