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How to Turn Your Author Website Into a Resource Center Your Readers Can’t Live...

[This excerpt is tip #9 from Patricia Fry’s free ebook, 50 Ways to Promote Your Ebook.]

Make your website a great resource for your readers.

If your ebook is nonfiction, start collecting important resources to share with people interested in your topic. For example, I write books, articles and a blog for authors. Most of my 36 books relate to authorship, publishing and book promotion. Because I want my potential readers to visit my website and purchase my books, I have developed a large resources section for writers and authors at http://www.matilijapress.com. If your ebook has to do with pets, consider collecting all variety of resources for pet owners—website links, a publications list, articles including information on various aspects of your topic—pet ownership, for example. You might post articles or links to information on topics such as choosing pet food, behavior issues, dog training, a list of plants that are poisonous to cats, breeders, etc.


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