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media coverage for your book

How To Get Media Coverage For Your Book

There is no one-size-fits-all marketing solution, but that doesn’t mean marketing your book is impossible. The media can still be a powerful partner, and here are five ways to get media coverage for your book.
bookstore events

Do Bookstore Events Matter?

Most independent authors are trying to reach more readers, sell more books, and create waves. If you plan on doing bookstore events, remember: attracting an audience depends entirely on you.
book selling

Book Selling Strategies and Tactics (Don’t Get Caught In The Monkey Trap)

To move forward with your bookselling, you may need to go back to the basics of marketing and create a plan that defines your mission, objectives, strategies, and tactics.
selling books

Stop Selling Books And Start Selling Benefits

When selling books, it's important to remember that readers do not buy the tangible elements of a book, they buy the (sometimes) intangible benefits they receive from reading. They buy what your book will do for them.
write for a cause

Writing For A Cause

Author Rich Garon muses on things he learned from his first self-published effort and how his books benefit causes like hunger and homelessness.
book excerpts

Use Book Excerpts To Promote Your Book

Here's a quick case study of former Saturday Night Live writer Patricia Marx using book excerpts to promote her book. Why not use the same tactic in your book publicity?
holiday book marketing earth day

Holiday Book Marketing Throughout the Year (it’s not just about Christmas!)

I thought I’d share a holiday book marketing pitch I wrote to my local newspapers for Earth Day. We authors need to learn how to make a query work for each individual title.


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