Writing Flash Fiction for Your BlogStretch out with short fiction!

Sometimes it can take years to finish your next novel. What do you do in the meantime to keep your audience interested?

Post a piece of flash fiction or a short prose poem on your blog every week!

What is Flash Fiction?

It's a short short story, or a short-ish prose poem, or a fable,  or.... actually, it's anything you want it to be. It could be as short as 140 characters (and perfect for Twitter), or it could be as long as 1000 words. Whatever feels right to you.

Why post Flash Fiction on your blog?

Well, giving yourself a weekly writing assignment that isn't directly tied to your main project (your unfinished novel) is a less stressful way to keep your creative brain in shape and keep your readers coming back to your website.

You can even use these weekly posts to provide supplementary information about the worlds, events, and characters of your novels. Is there a mysterious, but somewhat underdeveloped character from your last book who will be appearing more in the next one? Write a flash fiction piece from their POV. Did someone die in your last book? Write a short story about them as if they'd lived. Make it fun!

Need some inspiration to get started?

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