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Making A Print Book? Here Are Three Decisions You Need To Make.

If you're making a print book, you need to pick your print format to please your print-loving readers. Decisions include color scheme, cover, and trim size.
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Four Mistakes Indie Authors Make With Their Book Description

Think of your book description as the most important sales pitch of your life. Every word must count, every idea must serve to rope readers in. Too often, indie authors fall short and lose readers to a book with better promo copy.
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Book News: Amazons’ Brick & Mortar Store, The SheepOver Gets A Deal, Into The...

For anyone who equates Amazon with the transformation of in-store retail culture to the stay-at-home experience of online shopping, the retail giant is writing a new chapter. Earlier this month, the first Amazon Books store opened in University Village in Seattle, Washington.
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Focus On Your Book’s Back Cover

Think of your favorite books in your personal library. Aside from the titles and authors, what usually come to your mind? All those beautiful covers? Some covers tell a story in and of themselves. So what about the other side of the book? I'll wager that nobody remembers what’s on the back cover of their favorite books. And yet I believe this is the most important – and most overlooked – book marketing real estate for self published authors.
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Younger Readers Prefer Printed Books

A university professor recently asked, “Will print books still exist in ten years?” It was a provocative question, a question intended to spark discussion. When we stated emphatically, "Yes, of course they will!" he remained unconvinced. His undergraduate students prefer reading digitally, he attested, evidenced by the fact that they are constantly on their laptops and iPhones. He insisted that millennials' digital fluency is leading to a decline in print reading. His theory seems logical, but data doesn’t support it.

Printed Books 101: the five most common manuscript file preparation problems

Printed Book 101: common manuscript prep mistakesTo a large degree, the beauty of a physical book depends on how well the manuscript file was prepared before the book went to print. If you want your printed book to look professional, be sure to avoid these common manuscript mistakes: 1. Fonts aren't embedded. By far, missing fonts is the most common reason print projects get delayed. Please remember to embed your fonts in your PDF file. 2. Page numbers are all on the same side of the page. Remember, even page numbers on left-side pages should be on the left side of the page, and odd page numbers on the right-side pages should be on the right side of the page. (Of course, you won’t have to worry about this if you center your page numbers.)

The top reasons for choosing a printed book over an eBook

Top reasons to choose a print book over an eBook

As an author, you don't have to choose; you can easily print physical copies of your book AND create a beautiful digital version for use on eReader, tablet, smartphone, or desktop.

But as we explored recently in an article called "Is eBook distribution enough? Why selling hard copies of your novel matters," the majority of readers still prefer physical books to digital.



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