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Successful Book Printing And Distribution: My Self-publishing Experience, Part 9

In the ninth entry in my series about self-publishing, we'll look at how to ensure you get the best possible printed books, how to use them, and how to plan plenty of time for promotion.
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eBooks and Printed Books: Why Not Both?

Excerpted from BookBaby’s latest guide, 5 Steps To Self Publishing, Part III of our series looks at the benefits of producing eBooks and printed books for your self-published title.
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Making A Print Book? Here Are Three Decisions You Need To Make.

If you're making a print book, you need to pick your print format to please your print-loving readers. Decisions include color scheme, cover, and trim size.
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Younger Readers Prefer Printed Books

A university professor recently asked, “Will print books still exist in ten years?” It was a provocative question, a question intended to spark discussion. When we stated emphatically, "Yes, of course they will!" he remained unconvinced. His undergraduate students prefer reading digitally, he attested, evidenced by the fact that they are constantly on their laptops and iPhones. He insisted that millennials' digital fluency is leading to a decline in print reading. His theory seems logical, but data doesn’t support it.


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