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Making The Most of Print On Demand. Part 1: Your Timeline To Maximize Book...

Part 1 of our Print On Demand series focuses on your POD publishing timeline, the importance of the pre-order sales period, how "on demand" works for the retailers, and how you can maximize book sales with your printed book.
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Chuck Beard’s Self-published Photography Book Is “Absolutely Stunning”

Chuck Beard is a professional photographer and magazine art director whose self-published photography book series, Abandoned Pittsburgh, was produced with BookBaby. In this testimonial, he accounts his experience of self-publishing, from the project’s conception to distribution. He chose BookBaby for its price, fast shipping, and quality of color reproduction.

Paul McCullough And His Self-Published Cookbook

Paul McCullough is an acclaimed chef, Food Network Star finalist, and national TV spokesperson with a new self-published cookbook, Roma-therapy. In this testimonial, he accounts his experience of self publishing with BookBaby, from book creation to book promotion. He chose BookBaby for it’s competitive pricing and accessible customer service. As he attests, “Having my own book in my hand gave me the greatest sense of accomplishment… AND I’m making money!”
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We’re Not Perfect, But We’ll Guarantee Your Satisfaction

Make no mistake: Our pros in our Portland and Philadelphia offices are very good – exceptional, even. From eBook conversion, to printed book production, to worldwide distribution, they are every author's go-to source of information and help. These aren't commission-based sales people. These folks are dedicated professionals who have years of experience in both digital and printed book publishing and distribution.
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Photographer Eli Vega Puts BookBaby’s Book Printing Services To The Test

Photographer Eli Vega put BookBaby's custom book printing to the test with his latest printed photo book, Right Brain Photography. "It turned out really well," said Vega. "It's on the shelves of several regional and local bookstores in my area and it's getting a lot of attention." BookBaby works with many different kinds of self published authors to create a high-quality, professional book product - some are more demanding and exacting than others. Without a doubt, you can count Vega in this category.
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How To Use 100 Print Books To Promote Your Self-published Book [Infographic]

As an author, we know you appreciate the value of the written word, but there's something about an infographic that spells out an idea and puts it into perspective. We asked our designers to create this infographic to help add a colorful twist to the notion of how to promote your self-published book. If you're going to use print on demand books – we've got ideas for how to put 100 of them to work for you.

Making your own Christmas miracle – a book publishing timeline for holiday sales

There’s a blazing hot sun parked overhead and you can hear the kids splashing in the pool. Your backyard grill is fired up and ready to go, while the dog has settled down for a nap on one of the few patches of cool shade. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Or at least it should for self-published authors who want to take advantage of the holiday selling season to launch and sell their next books. And here’s why.


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