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How To Promote Poetry on Social Media

If you’re preparing to promote your poetry, these social media forums will open up new worlds and connect you with readers and groups likely to revel in your words.
money from your poetry

Who Says Rhyme Doesn’t Pay?

One tactic to selling and making money from your poetry is to pursue outlets other than bookstores. This post can help you think creatively about how to make a dime selling rhyme.
writing contest

Have you considered entering a writing contest?

Everyone wants to have won an award, yet writing contests are something of an outlier in the book publishing world. Why isn't entering a writing contest a regular in a writer’s promotional plan? The fear of competition?

The use of poetry in the age of the internet

Poor Poetry! It always seems like it has some explaining to do. I mean, people don't usually ask if Music or Dance are dead, or if television matters anymore, or what non-representational painting is good for anyway. So why is poetry constantly on the defensive?

What Are You Doing for National Poetry Month?

April may be "the cruelest month," but it's also National Poetry Month (contrary to the Poetry Foundation's April Fool's announcement that National Poetry Month has been cancelled)! Every April since 1996-- poets, readers, teachers, critics, and publishers have used National Poetry Month as a time to rally the troops and get people interested in the world's oldest literary art form.


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