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writing a book part 1

My 20-Step Plan to Writing a Book: Part 1 (Steps 1-10)

Writing a book is hard work – it’s easier to quit than finish. When you become overwhelmed by the sheer scope of the task, you might be tempted to give up. The key is to follow a proven, straightforward plan.
kinds of writers

There Are A Million Kinds Of Writers: Which One Are You?

Maybe there aren’t a million names for the different kinds of writers out there, but there are as many ways to write as there are people who write.
center of your book

Find the center of your book

Like a hub at the center of a wheel with spokes, the center of your book is a necessary architectural arrangement. It makes the story go 'round.
become a writer

Abandon Your Draft And Become A Writer

Just like the phoenix rises from the ashes, sometimes ruthlessly throwing away drafts is the best thing you can do in your quest to become a writer.
improve your writing

How To Improve Your Writing (By Not Writing)

Sometimes the solution to a problem requires you to stop and think. As an author, sometimes you need to step away from the keyboard to improve your writing and get your book finished.
plotter or pantser?

Make Peace With Your Inner Plotter and Pantser

All writers are pantsers when it comes to the finer grain structure of a novel. No one can outline down to the sentence level. All honest plotters will admit that at least some of their best ideas have come during pantsing bouts. You just have to dive in!
help writers stay focused

10 tips to help writers stay focused

There's no getting around the fact that as a writer you must produce your craft either on paper or on a digital device of some kind. Even if you subscribe to voice recognition software where your dictation becomes your written work, there is time and commitment involved in creating all forms of writing. How, then, does the serious writer stay on task?


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