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Why Publishing For Kindle is Not Enough

Because Amazon is the dominant player in the eBook marketplace, many authors wrongly assume that they should be publishing for Kindle exclusively.

Publish Your Book with BookBaby and You’ll Be Entered to Win an iPad, Nook,...

Publish and Be Entered To Win

Place an eBook or print book order during the month of November and you’ll be automatically entered to win one of three awesome prizes courtesy of BookBaby:

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There are so many awesome reasons to be publishing books in November, what with the upcoming holidays and all. But here’s one more great reason: you could win a brand-new, eReader. Sounds like a great holiday season for you. Ready to get published and be entered to win? Get started now.

Every Instance of “Kindled” in Tolstoy’s War and Peace Replaced with “Nooked”

The heated climate of competition and proprietary formats has resulted in a sadly amusing side-effect, a kind of brand name mad-libs where every occurrence of the word "kindled" in Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace was replace with "nooked." According to Ars Technica:
The best explanation, we think, comes from a commenter on the blog, who says "This obviously wasn't done by Barnes & Noble, but by the publisher who submitted the book to Barnes & Noble. They created a Kindle version of this public domain book first, realized they used 'Kindle' somewhere in their submission, and did a quick find-and-replace to change 'Kindle' to 'Nook'-never once thinking it would affect the book's text rather than just whatever they put in the title page."
Bad proofreader, bad!

How Long Does It Take for Your eBook to be Available in the eBook...

You've finished your book and sent it to BookBaby for distribution. We've converted your file into an eBook. Now what? At this point, most authors are curious about when their eBooks will go live on the major digital retailers' sites. It's one of the most common questions we get asked.

The B&N vs. Amazon Grudge Match

Drama! In the book world? Yes. Barnes & Noble has announced that their physical stores will not carry any title published by Amazon. The boycott does not extend to B&N's (Nook) eBook offerings, however. Two giants duke...

A Quick Review of Recent eBook News

Let's look at a couple headlines, shall we? 1) 19 books on a recent USA Today bestseller list sold more e-book copies than print. In fact, the list’s top six books all sold more e-versions than print versions. According...

How to Gift an eBook

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales reports are in; Kindles, iPads, and Nooks are flying off the shelf! I was in a Barnes & Noble on Friday...


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