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make money with your business book

How To Make Money With Your Business Book – Part 2

Writing a business book is a way to build a reputation and explore a topic of your expertise – and you can make money with your book when you put it to use to promote your larger business offerings.
make money with your business book

How To Make Money With Your Business Book – Part 1

Writing a book is a way to expose your ideas and innovations to the world – but you can make money with your business book when you realize it's really a promotional vehicle for your larger offerings.
book is a marketing tool

Your Business Book Is A Marketing Tool

There is no better multi-purpose tool to attract attention for your business than a book. A book is a marketing tool with unique and special abilities to create conversations you can turn into sales.
business book mistake

Avoid This Business Book Mistake (In Three Easy Steps!)

When writing a business book, beginning with a detailed outline is recommended – but not understanding what your audience wants to know is a business book mistake you can't afford to make.
business book advice

How to trick yourself into writing a business book

By breaking your big idea into manageable sub-topics, you can tackle the job a little at a time and effectively trick yourself into writing your business book.
writer's apathy

How To Write When You’re Not In The Mood – 7 Remedies For Writer’s...

It can happen to anyone, even the best writers in the world. It's those times when you know you should be writing your book or your blog, but you just can't get yourself motivated. You just don’t feel like it. Cleaning the toilet or mowing the lawn seem like more attractive uses of your time. First thing: don't panic. Writer's apathy is completely normal. You’re not alone and you’re in very successful company. But you don’t want this to carry on forever, otherwise, nothing ever gets written, does it?
business book ideas

Choosing The One Brilliant Idea For Your Business Book

One question I love being asked as a business book writing coach is: "I’ve got seven topics I could write about. Each is brilliant and would make the world a better place. How do I decide which is the killer idea?" If this sounds like you, don't worry, it’s a common stumbling block. The good news is, you have a lot of ideas, and my job is to help you determine which is best.


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