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tell a story

Your Nonfiction Book Should Tell A Story

You have a story to tell, and people are ready to hear it, but whether or not they will relate to it depends on how well you tell it. In fact, how you tell your story is just as important as the story itself.
establish trust

Vulnerability As A Way To Establish Trust

For business leaders, writers, and everyone in between, allowing yourself to be human, and vulnerable, goes a long way toward establishing trust. That doesn't make it easy.
heal yourself

You Can Heal Yourself — And Others — Through Writing

Many things can deter us from telling our story, and so often, the driving force is fear. But you’re the only one who has your story — you’re the only one who can write it. You can be a messenger of hope and help, and what if writing your book actually helps you heal yourself?
improve your business book

Five Things You Can Do To Improve Your Business Book (or ANY book)

There are simple techniques you can use to improve your business book that have nothing to do with magic, intrigue, or being the next Malcolm Gladwell. Here's how you can motivate, engross, and inspire your readers.
wasting time writing

Are You Wasting Your Time Writing Your Business Book?

If you find yourself asking if you're wasting time writing your business book, look out for these five signs. They'll help you avoid getting an answer you won't like.
writing your business book

Start With Your “Why” When Writing Your Business Book

Start with your "Why," and your "Who" and "What" become clear when writing your business book. Instead of fuzziness and frustration, you will have razor-sharp focus that will help you write.
make money with your business book

How To Make Money With Your Business Book – Part 2

Writing a business book is a way to build a reputation and explore a topic of your expertise – and you can make money with your book when you put it to use to promote your larger business offerings.


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