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Creative Visualization for Writers

Amazon bestselling author Nina Amir joined our October #BBchat to talk about Creative Visualization for Writers and the roadmap to successful authorship.
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The Roadmap to Successful Authorship

This post is a compilation of excerpts from Nina Amir’s new book, Creative Visualization for Writers: An Interactive Guide for Bringing Your Book Ideas and Career to Life.
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Blogging A Book With Nina Amir: #BBChat Recap

We frequently hear our literary friends asking how to manage their writing time more effectively, and while blogs often come up in the conversation, the idea of using a blog to build and test material for a new book is not often mentioned. Nina shared her suggestions for posting frequency and word count goals, and even for the busiest of writers, her suggestions are very attainable.
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From blog to book – a sensible approach to completing a book

Every author, or soon to be author, who reads this blog knows one indisputable fact: completing a book is hard work. Blood, sweat and tears flow – and that’s just to get through chapter one. Or is there an easier way? Publishing expert Nina Amir thinks so, and after reading her book, How to Blog a Book: How to Write, Publish and Promote Your Work One Post at a Time, I do too.
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To plan out your book or not to plan out your book…There is no...

My traditional publishing background has helped me create a method to help you plan and outline your book – even if you're a pantser like me.
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How to “blog a book” and become a successful author

In this interview, Nina Amir provides tips on how to turn your blog into a book, position yourself as an expert, and build your writing career upon an inspired foundation. 


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