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write a memoir

Who Am I To Write a Memoir?

I’ve met hundreds of people who have been through, learned, and discovered things that could change the world, and many ask, "Who am I to write a memoir?"
write your book

Write Your Book Using The Time Blocking Method

Ready to write your book but need help organizing your time? The Time Blocking method of scheduling will help you manage your time and set your priorities.
book launch party

Is A Book Launch Party The Right Thing For You?

After all the hard work you've put into completing your book, a book launch party might be what you need to make a splash. Think big, find sponsors, get the word out, and give yourself plenty of time to plan and prepare.
twitter chat

How to Write a Professional Manuscript: #BBchat Recap

Nancy L. Erickson joined our September BookBaby Twitter Chat to talk about how to produce a professional manuscript, including some of the common mistakes a new author often makes.
new author

10 Mistakes A New Author Makes (And How To Avoid Them)

In my years of coaching writers, I’ve seen manuscripts from many a new author. The manuscripts I receive normally come from nonprofessional writers who have experienced or learned something they feel compelled to share. But because they aren’t professional writers – some of them may not have written since they were in school – the work is often substandard. Here are 10 common mistakes new writers make. You can avoid all of them!


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