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comparative figures of speech

Comparative Figures of Speech: Similes, Metaphors, and Analogies Enhance Your Writing

One of the most effective ways to convey passion and aid your readers' understanding of your message is to paint a word picture using comparative figures of speech.

Conflate, and Tighten Up Your Story

When you conflate, you tighten your writing and move your story forward. With practice and persistence, you can make your lessons more powerful, enjoyable, and universal.
sensory language

Sensory Language IS The Detail In Your Writing

When you add detail to your writing, you are painting with words, and you can use all the colors! Sensory language is the key.
improve your storytelling

Use Pacing to Improve Your Storytelling

When you are able to control the pace of your story, you’ve mastered one of the more important skills in writing.
sensory language

Use Sensory Language To Make Your Writing Come Alive

One way to make an impact on your readers is to invite them right into the room with you – bring them in close by crafting scenes that rely on sensory language.
book's structure

Lead Your Readers With Your Book’s Structure

Your book's structure is the tool that will gather up your readers and keep them following along with you; it's the tie that binds all the parts of your story together, from end to end, and in the middle too.
choose words

Choose Words That Convey Your Meaning

When writing, choose words thoughtfully, and remember you are writing to communicate ideas and feelings for your reader to experience and understand.


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