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public speaker

From Independent Author To Professional Public Speaker

An effective way to capitalize on being an author is by developing and marketing yourself as a professional public speaker. Is this right for you?
what is a book?

What is a Book?

What is a book? Why did the publisher hire me to write it and print all these copies? Why did I write, re-write, re-re-write, edit, and re-edit the content within? Why am I sprawled in the front hall manipulating packing tape to stick to the package and not to my forearm?
writer's block

There’s (Almost) No Such Thing as Writer’s Block. If There is, This’ll Cure Ya.

Not long ago, the concept of writer’s block didn’t even exist. But once the term was created in 1947 by psychoanalyst Edmund Bergler, those of us who write glommed on to it like nobody’s business.
finish your first book

A Proven Method For Starting – And Finishing – Your First Book

Think you can’t write – or finish – that book that’s inside of you? Here’s how to stop the self-intimidation and finish your first book.
3 books to help you improve your writing

Radically Improve Your Writing: Three Books That Will Help You Do It

If you’re serious about taking steps to improve your writing, nothing will help more than the lessons you can learn from these three books. Closely read them; actively underline them; diligently apply what you learn. You’ll be impressed at the improvement that follows.
writing ideas

How to Build a Stockpile of Good Writing Ideas

Returning to old scraps of your writing ideas is one of the best ways to cure writer's block. That's why it's important to write everything down: the brilliant lines, the half-baked notions, and that nonsense you scribbled on a sticky-note after a dream.


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