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BookBaby Author Services

New and Expanded BookBaby Author Services For Self-Published Authors

Our Amazon Priority, Book Metadata Optimization, Query Letter and Synopsis Editing, and Book Marketing and Consultation programs are all part of the growing list of BookBaby author services.
best time to publish

What’s the best time to publish your book?

Here’s a little-known fact for new, aspiring, self-published authors: The holiday season may not be the best time to publish.
Amazon keywords

Finding Your Amazon Keywords

Shelley Hitz, author coach, business strategist, and Christian entrepreneur, joined our #BBchat Twitter chat about how to find your Amazon keywords.
book pre-sales

Making The Most Of Print On Demand, Part 2: All You Need To Know...

The longer your book is available for pre-order, the more time you have to send readers to Amazon and the other stores to accumulate orders. All these orders count as sales on your release date, giving you a good chance at cracking some top-100 best seller sub genre lists in sites like Barnes & Noble and Powell’s. Note: this is not the case with Amazon’s best selling list. They count pre-sales orders on the day it’s actually ordered, not all combined on the eventual release date.
book metadata

Tell your book’s story with metadata

Do you know how to market with book metadata? You’re a writer, and you probably hate all those geeky computer terms that people toss around when they’re trying to point out something you haven’t done. But metadata is important if you want your book to go far and wide. So what is metadata, and why do you want to take advantage of it?
book metadata

How selling houses using a roller coaster is a lot like your book metadata.

Yes, you read that first line correctly. No, it’s not a cheesy attempt to get your attention as I write about the incredibly important but often sleep-inducing subject of book metadata. Well, maybe a little. Truth be told, most articles about book metadata are dry as dust. As you probably know, metadata incorporates your book title, description, author bio and all the key selling info needed to distribute a book, onto sales pages at Amazon, iBooks and other online retailers to help readers discover your book.... <<ZZZZZzzzzz>> Let me shake you awake with the real estate roller coaster. Over in the Netherlands, real estate broker Verder met Wonen needed something different to attract the attention of potential home buyers. Instead of the tried-and-true open houses and the like, he took a different route. Literally.
author Joanna Penn

Yearning for the vagabond life: a profile of indie author Joanna Penn

Interviewing author and speaker Joanna Penn is a lot like reading one of her thrillers — a rollicking ride through uncharted territories where surprises burst from dark corridors and human quirks shape the narrative in unexpected ways. In the span of less than an hour, I learned that she and I are taphophiles (people who are fascinated by graveyards), her “overnight” success self-publishing ebooks took more than 5 years of hard work, and she envisions a vagabond existence in the future, traveling internationally to inspire her writing, painting verbal pictures of her favorite places (Jerusalem being one), and sparking her imagination by seeking strange and unfamiliar locales. Joanna is the producer of hundreds of podcasts and video interviews (many available through her site, The Creative Penn), so I was surprised to learn...


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